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A special thanks to :iconmetallicwing: for drawing such an awesome picture or Rose, Zexion, Sora, and Cecilia and I colored it. We are an awesome team!

:iconxxmaylillyxx: Almost put me to tears after reading her pictures description. She made this for me from a lineart and she made it for me. This is Rose. SHE LOOKS SO CUTE! Thank you so much xXMayLillyXx.

:iconyayiluvdeviantart: I could tell that she worked hard on this. I really appreciate that she would actually take the time to make this and its just amazing to know that people like my OCs. :)

:iconsadlonelylittlegirl: OMG I love her for taking my request they look so kawii and I love them and all their pervy faces.

Favourite genre of music: Pop, Rock, and Techno
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
MP3 player of choice: IPOD all the way
Favourite cartoon character: OMG this is hard there are so many that are my favorite Spongebob, the Chipmunks, ect I can go on.
 Okay so last night things were so weird. I fall asleep and I dream about having a diary (the first passage was written on a cereal box Uhhh... what?) and having someone read it and that person is this guy Right Arrow :iconchristopherrobinplz: WHAT? I know crazy right? But then it turned out I wrote how I had a crush on this character! Nickderp Wait why in the hell would I have a crush on Christopher Robin? Get outta here! In the end, I get one of those secret voice control password diaries. Then the dream ends up cutting off and goes right into a dream about Frozen which is a yay for me! Dancing Elsa However, this was no ordinary dream! Dirt So let me tell you my awkward Frozen themed dream. I'm at what I think Disney World, however this place looks nothing like a place in Disney world. It was dark, kinda like a factory setting. Let me tell you these were the actual characters not people in costumes. I see Kristoff call out to Olaf, whom is greeting the kids and giving them hugs, but then I look up and another Olaf is on a big snowy cloud with sunglasses. So I thought this is defiantly what can be claimed as the real Olaf. So the Olaf down below is a stand in because obviously Olaf can't be there all the time. Then I said, "Olaf would live at Disney World!" Olaf looks at me and waves to me from his cloud and it seems to me that nobody else can see him except me. That is when I realized I was the only one there now and my friend magically shows up by my side. Free Olaf I Don't Have A Skull avatar Then I notice my clothes! OMG I am ELSA! My friend was dressed as Anna and then I thought oh shit we are gonna get in so much trouble because I know Disney World doesn't like it when teenagers/adults dress up to avoid confusing the children. It turned out thought Kristoff and Olaf were calling us by the characters so they thought we were actually then. I thought then that I know I'm in a damn dream, but I have to stay asleep because I really want to be Elsa so okay I'll play along. The setting completely changes and we head into a fancy castle dining room and I walk in like Elsa with my hands up and everyone like bows at me and that's when I saw there were two Elsa's except one of them had a very inaccurate costume. We talked and it turned out this girl was my stand in and there was an Anna whom was my friends stand in. So the people whom are actually the characters sit at a table and the stand ins go and stand in for us at the park while we eat. I sit down and low and behold Hans comes in and sits right next to my friend whom is Anna.Hi, Hans  Sigh NOW HERES WHERE IT GOT WEIRD! Let Me See Hans begins to flirt with her and whisper in here ear and eventually touches her in a not so appropriate spot and Kristoff stands up, forcefully stands Hans up, and kicks Hans in the balls! I just look at the whole entire scene and I do absolutly nothing? Then here comes the confusion, Hans get's pissed and summons in an ocean, flooding the whole entire room. WTF!? Hans and his weird ocean powers? What is he a fish!? So then it cuts over to me on a beach...all alone as Elsa...Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon WHICH IS VERY SAD I MIGHT ADD CAUSE THAT WAS MY FRIEND! Then I wake...WTF!? Uhm...? Britney Spears What the hell? 
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